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Tree ServicesTree pruning  is generally requested or needed for three main reasons. Tree pruning might be needed for reasons of safety, health and aesthetics, as well as occassionally to stimulate fruit production on particular tree species, J&J Property and maintenance will carry out this service to a high and satisfactory standard.

Tree pruning for safety inolves the removing of branches that are at risk of falling and may cause injury or damage to a persons property. This type of tree care service will also include the trimming of branches that interfere with lines of sight or are growing into utility lines.

Tree pruning for health involves the removing of diseases or insect infected wood, thinning the crown of the tree to increase airflow, and removing crossing and rubbing branches. This type of tree care can encourage trees to develop a strong structure, reduce the risk of damage from severe weather conditions, and support wound closure for any already damage or diseased limbs.

In some cases tree owners wish to prune their tree for aesthetics, enhancing the natural form and character of the tree and stimulating production.

Although the reasons for pruning a tree can be easily broken down, it is most likely that your tree will need pruning for a combination of reasons. We hope that our open and friendly tree pruning service will allow tree owners to feel welcome to discuss their needs and find a suitable approach to the pruning of their tree.